how much fuel pressure


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May 29, 2003
how much fuel pressure should my gauge be showing at 3500rpms doing 70 and no boost. my was showing anywhere between 29-31. i have a 307 fuel pump and not sure if the previous owner put a hot wire kit on it. it was also kind of jerking back a bit.
:) To those of you out there who know but don't take the time to answer because of the nature of the question, you know what I mean: shame on you. My answer= With vacuum line off regulator; set pressure to 43/44 pds. with engine running. Step two= replace vac. line (pressure will drop due to vacuum). At cruise you are on vacuum and depending on how much vac. your fuel pressure may be much lower than what you set it at with the line off and of course on boost it will go higher than what you set it at with the line off. Nor. is 1 pd. of pressure per 1 pd. of boost.:D :D :D
i got my fuel pressure set to 45 vac line off, but is it normal for it to drop to 29lbs going that fast. i guess i really need to get some turbolink files to really figure out the problem.