How Much Work And Money Would It Take


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Dec 27, 2008
Would It Be A Hard Task To Put A 87 Tr Motor And Trans In This Monte Ss.a 11 Or 12 Second Set Up Would Be Nice.i May Start Buying Parts, If It Will Work Just As If It Was A Tr.i'll Even Put Some Gnx Wheels On It To Match The Black Trim


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mechanically should be straight forward. Dash and all the tying in may be a lil hairy but easily achieved
I participated in one of these's what I remember.

1. LC2 engine and 2004R required.
2. That's probably a 7.5 rear in that'll need an 8.5.
3. The motor mounts on the frame have to be moved either backward or forward...I can't remember which. I got stuck doing it...I know it wasn't fun. :biggrin:
4. New fuel lines have to be run from front to back and a GN gas tank is required.
5. You'll need an LC2 wiring harness.
6. Transmission crossmember from a GN.
7. If I remember correctly, two extra wires had to be run to power the fuel pump and the injectors.
8. I'm probably forgetting a lot.
It's a friends works great. Well worth the effort. That's a nice car you have there...go for it!
It's pretty much a bolt in. :) I put one in an 84' Hurst Olds a few years back. You will need the frame mounts for the V6 motor. You can use the same transmission cross member in the Monte. The biggest thing is the dash/fuse box wiring and fuel system. You will have to add some extra fuses and wiring in the fuse box for the injectors and fuel pump. The fuel system will be the biggest challenge. I installed a GN gas tank and had to reroute the fuel lines and add a filter.
Sounds Great

This 355 Does Great But Nothing Like A Bad A** Turbo V6 I Bet


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Great looking Monte man. It looks fast now go ahead and make it that way. Good luck on the swap. Keep us posted.
while the turbo V6 is impressive for what it is, you'd be $$$ ahead by keeping a small block in it and building from there.
but i'd definitely at least find an 8.5 out of a TR or 442 for it. that 7.5 won't live very long behind any kind of power if you get any traction at all.
This 355 Does Great But Nothing Like A Bad A** Turbo V6 I Bet

I thought it had the original tired out old 305 in it. That's a nice clean engine install you have there. I think I'd leave it, and find a roller to put a turbo engine in.
Thanks For The Complements Guys.ya The Csb Puts Out About 430hp.your Right May Be Cheaper To Keeper,just Want A Tr So Bad, But Need To Sale A Toy Or 2.ya Gotta Go With A 8.5 2.naw No 305 Here But Sure Is Fun When The Car Next To You Think Thats What It Is Lol.she's A Sneaky Sleeper,with The Shifter Up Top. Ya A Roller Isn't A Bad Idea Thanks
I went with one of these..


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First off that's a nice Monte you have there.

Second off, to convert over to a turbo 6 is going to be some work.

I'm going to say....look for a wrecked GN/T type that is complete and running....then swap over the engine/trans and you will also need to wiring harness and the turbo 6 ECM. You'll also need the GN fuel tank that has the internal baffle and in tank pump. You'll need the fuel lines and the 8.5 rear.

Trying to get all this stuff in pieces will be even more work.

Don't be so quick to put down a 355 sbc they can have some guts too. Have you considered building a 400 sbc for your Monte? Those engines were torque monsters and now you can even buy stroker kits to convert them into 427, 434 and even 454 cubic inches. Talk about torque city. Best part is a 400 sbc is a drop in and go.

Another option is the LS1 route, but that requires some mods to get it in there. Not sure I'd want to hack on a nice MC SS for an LS1 conversion.
I'm just tired of people looking at my GN and saying, "nice Monte Carlo". Hell, I'd go for it then at least it IS at Monte Carlo. :biggrin:
$5-6k and about 20-30 hours worth of work and how far you want to take it. There are a lot of possible shortcuts.
6,500 with good internals

A lot more than that if you go inside the engine. I was saying $6500 just for the transplant of the drivetrain, fuel system, wiring and everything needed just to make it run. Keep in mind you will need a donor car or about $4000 just to have the stuff needed to do the conversion. If the engine with good internals is added add about another $5-6k.
I would not jack with the Monte Carlo pictured. You have a super clean car to start with so why hack it up. If you go the Buick turbo motor route while it will be fast and sweet you will never get your money out of it. You will kill 2 cars. I would find a 1982 to 1987 buick and turbo that thing. Classic car insurance is not to bad so keeping 2 cars will not kill the checking account