How to be a Turbo Buick psychic and never be wrong.


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Apr 4, 2002
I think I'm going to open up a palm reading table at BG.

"I predict that your car" :

* Leaks oil.
* Is falling apart.
* Is traction limited.
* Has your old lady pissed off at you for something.

Any others?
I'll just add a couple

*will blow a headgasket
*will need a new maf sensor
*will need a coilpack and module
*will need a crank senor
*will need a cam sensor
*will need bigger injectors
*will need bigger fuel lines
*will need a fuel pump
*will blow a headgasket (did I alreday say that?)
*will learn all of this the hard way

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* Your brakes will fail because the fuse for the powermaster has blown.

* Your alternator won't keep the battery charged because the bulb in the dash has blown.

* Your battery is dead when you come out to start the car in the morning because the delay relay for the cooling fan went bad and kept the cooling fan running all night while you slept.
You meet a stranger whom had a buddy at one time that had a bad 350 in a GN. "It would smoke the tires off"

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It has tried to kill you or others or both with the power masters' suddenly gone braking action ' at the worst possible time! I can't be the only one who experienced the curse of the power disaster!