Huge Parts List, selling 31 yrs of Parts collecting, get it while you can! May update

I didn't see one on the list - any chance there is an 86/87 tranny dip stick?
Interested in Gray card board and cloth inserts under quarter windows.......
sent email
I have new fabric and inner belt molding long as the boards are good and same
Power windows and locks
AC compressor(84-85) $40
AC lines(84-85) $40
Adaptor(86-87 oil return to block, brass adapter,screws into block in front) $20
Adaptor(85 Turbo to intake adaptor) $40
Adaptor(Oil cooler adaptor with nut) $35
Air Cleaner scoop(86-87 Scoop for airbreather) $20
Air Cleaner assembly(86-87) $25
Air Cleanerassembly(84-85) $20
Alt.(86-87) $60
Alt.(84-85) $30
Balancer(Turbo harmonic balancer) $80
Battery cable guide(Small plastic guide that holds the posi bat cable to the lower front cover)
Block(109 Block) $500
Cam position sensor just the lower part(no cap) $80
Cam position (sensor with cap) $100
Coil pack(84-85) $40
Coil pack(86-87) $25
Control module(84-85) $50
Connecting rods(2 dot) $40 a set of 6 or $10 for 1
Crossover pipe(84-85 Exhaust crossover pipe) $35
Dip stick and tube(86-87 dipstick and tube) $50
Dip stick and tube(84-85 dipstick and tube) $30
ECM(84-85 ECM) $40
EGR plastic cover $5
Elbow(84-87 Turbo elbow) $25
Flex plate(84-87 Turbo flex plate) $25
Fuel rail(84-85) $25
Fuel rail(86-87) $40
Heads(stock 8445 heads needing rebuild) $50 a set
Injector harness(84-85) $35
Intake manifold(86-87 Upper intake manifold)$35
Intake manifold(84-85 GN intake) $40
Intercooler $45
Intercooler brackets both for $45
MAF(84-85 MAF) $40
Main accessory bracket(86-87,the big alum. one) $70
Main accessory bracket(84-85) $40
Motor mounts(metal, frame mounts) $35
Oil pan(Turbo oil pan) $40 each
Power steering pump(86-87) $75
Pulley(86-87 Water pump pulley) $25
Pulley(86-87 Alt pulley)$20
Rock arms+shafts(stock, complete set) $35
Throttlebody(84-85 Throttlebody with TPS,IAC motor,vacuum manifold) $40
Throttlebody(86-87 Throttlebody bare) $35
Throttle bracket(84-85 Throttle bracket) $20
Throttle cable(84-85 Throttle cable) $30
Timing cover $35
Valve covers(set of 2) (84-85) $30
Valve covers(set of 2) (86-87) $50
Vapor cannister $10
Wire harness(84-85 engine wire harness) $150

I’ll take the vapor canister if it’s got the two tabs on the bottom still. Thanks! Sending pm