Humboldt bay area and smog question


Boost junkie
Well folks, I'm working up in Humboldt bay and was wondering if there are any other TR owners up in the area that happen to be on this board. I'm new to the area and trying to find shops, etc.

The other question I have is for those who are in the nor cal area, smog is due and I was looking for a good shop in the Northern Ca area, or even a few hours away if it's worth it for me if you know what I mean. Please e-mail me about this if you have info for me!

Thanks guys,

You might want to consider posting a duplicate of this thread in the San Francisco (Central Kali) section as those guys in that area can probably give you better direction or your query, (there's a shop somewhere up there named Mizzie's), and you might also want to duplicate this thread in the smog section which is in the Tech Arena, which is partially moderated by "gofstbuick" an administrator of TB.COM and a supervisor / manager of the smog section of the State of California. gofstbuick is in charge of the smog test stations in Kali. HTH
Joe Cheung is "gofstbuick's" real name. And I believe that he is in charge of the Customer relations section of the Test Station Bureau of the kali Smog people. He can probably direct you to where you can find a list of "Test Only", "Test & Repair", & "Gold Seal" smog Stations. Joe's a good guy and will do whatever he can to help you.