Hydroboost Brake Pedal (1984 TR)

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Looking for a brake pedal from 84 TR...Hydroboost. Will buy outright or swap for a pedal from a vacuum booster setup.
Conrad Carter
Albemarle, NC
CC is the hydroboost pedal different from a powermaster pedal? They both use the same 4-bolt flange to mount to the firewall. I've got quite a few PM pedals, so let me know if you need 1. Thanks.
Not sure. I am putting HB back on my 84 and don't have the pedal. I know the HB petal is different from NA pedal...the MC stud is located lower down on the pedal for the HB.
You're more than welcome to view/compare the pedals I've got CC. You can check out the new pimped out golf cart while you're there too :) It's black of course! CYA.
I thought about you before I started this post but don't have time to come to your place right now. I have already committed to buying one shipped for $20. Hope to get it shipped tomorrow.
Got the package today. Looks like the right pedal. Thanks so much for the prompt shipping!