i done something WRONG!!!!!


May 30, 2001
Hello all,
i have screwed something up and i dont know what i have bennn dealing with a miss at high boost for some time now so i changed the ac plugs to autolite 23s gaped at 35 10mm megacors plug wires and 1/2 fule line from tank to fule rail now it runs like s**t its like its holding back or pulling something and breaks away and pulls good agin any ideas??if i dont figure this thing out soon im gonna burn it to the ground!!!!!!!!:mad:
just to see, try disconnecting the cam sensor, i went through a problem where the car would stumble at high rpm, and unplugged the cam sensor after a ton of other things (MAF/Coil/Pack/Wires/Plugs..... and it was the cam sensor (only does it when the motor is hot)
double check all your plug wires to make sure they are on the right plug?

I screw them up about 1 our of three times no matter how careful I watch...

and properly pushed onto the plug..I doubt you have a wire crossed if it runs okay some of the time.
Check for a bad plug too. I had one that changed gap on me once I have no idea how that happened either....

#6 too, I'm blaming the Aliens...
If you have the Casper tester test the plug wires. Some people have had bad experiences with the megacor wires.
Also use the tester on the coil/ign pack too.

Just my 2 cents.


JASON,From what you describe, it may be the ECM pulling timing out at Knok detection. W/all the mods you have, it may be the 55's aren't getting it done in the fuel delivery. Putting a 1/2" line to the rail does little to nothing unless the entire system is that size, or larger.. Especially from the tank to the pump. [If the pump is external] If the pump is in tank, then the line on the hanger is the restriction, if it's not 1/2" also. What did you do to the return line?

Can we get some more info on the way the fuel system is set up? What are the rest of the details concerning the tuneup? IE: boost, base fuel pressure, What's in the chip for timing, what kind of scan tool info do you have, what gas are you using?

Does the FP stay w/ the rise in boost?

Could be this scenario: The engine goes under load, the fuel system can't keep up, knoks, timing is pulled, power falls off, fuel system can now supply enough fuel, knok stops and car surges forward again. Then the same thing happens again.:eek:


Back to plumbing ol BART w/ -10!!!:D

PS: just re-read your signature and saw the t-70.. That's ALOT of turbo for 55# inj's!!
Just what I read

Read in turbo news letter. About 1 year ago.

Guy had the same problem. Turned out to be a valve spring.

I would first start with the easy things,as adviced.But keep your mind open.Try one thing at a time. Keep things simple.Use good tools as mentioned.It's frustrating,but it has to be there.Just keep your cool and check.Had to put .02 cents in.Been there....
Makes you crazy.GOOD LUCK!! Really.

Not trying to tell you what to do just giving ideas that may help.:)

OH:eek: Chuck Leeper.gave you the best gas advice.....

Appologies for not starting with that.


I have -8 line ran from rail to filter and about 1' of -6 to the tanki have a (new)atr superpump and nothing done to the return line i had vp116 fule reds race chip 43# fule press. i have changed coil pack,everything i can think of im gonna try the cam sensor thing becouse when i hade the te60 and 009s i had almost the same prob.@ high boost re:20 psi but when i changed plug,ect it got BAD if i have a rocker out of adjustment could it do this??the head "had new springs on them" when i got them i pray that not the prob...if it is will i have to pull the head to fix???
Fuel problems??

Jason, the -6 is the controlling size of the fuel line, and the hanger pipe in the tank is even worse. The return line is/could be a problem too, as the ends of the lines are pinched FAR smaller than the 5/16" they measure on the OD. My ATR catalog says the "superpumper" is a single pump and is advertized as being good for 11 to 11.50's
If the engine is just "laying down" at some point and then picking back up, then I'd not be suspect of the ign.. That would most likely show up immediately upon launch as the cylinder pressures would go high and a weak link in the ign would show as a miss, not a surge.
A rocker out would most likely cause a miss also, not an intermittent problem.
A flat cam due to unknown springs could be a factor, but that too would be a constant problem, not intermittent. A loose rocker would be noisey. You can change the springs w/ the heads on the motor.
The DP isn't hitting the body or the upper, rear area of the a-arm is it?? Is the engine tied down?? If it is, then it's triggering the knok sensor and causing the timing to shut down, thus the "pulling a load" feeling. Then the knok goes away and the engine pulls again... til the next knok sequence.

Where's the fuel PSI @ 20PSI boost???
Where's the scan info?? I HOPE you are NOT trying to tune this beast without one!!:mad: :mad:

Keep the info coming.. we'll get there eventually.