i found them! here they are!


elbows & a$$holes
not sure if they make them for you 3" exhaust guys though


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Pffft....that's nothing...wait til you see what I've got to hang off the back of my GN...bahhhhhahahahaha. Justin84 dared me.
If someone buys me a 4" version of that ex tip ill run it on my car.
If someone buys me a 4" version of that ex tip ill run it on my car.

that would look cute on your car brian. would you put it on the blue car or black one? would look great on the black car that made like 680hp and 800ftlbs to the tire with the rollcage in it . it would help with the sleeper look your after. lol;)
whoopin somebodys fast car with a car that has a hello kitty exhaust on it would be a hard one to choke down:eek:
Were you there for that conversation on FB? LMFAO!!!

Really close, but no. Figure if you guys can have those dangling from your trucks...then I can dangle the female version from my GN. Ta-da!!!!

fastnasty... i know it sounds like a really funny thing to do (NWS Magic Flesh Doggie-Style Girl - Male Masturbators - Sex Toys)... but you do not even want to know what kind of awkward situations your gonna put you and your car in. especially depending on some of the places you might park it

don't say i didn't warn you!