I hate computers! Need Power Logger help


Sep 23, 2006
Finally got around to installing PLC as replacement for Direct Scan. I followed the directions in the box and the recommendations found on Full Throttle regarding driver installation on Win XP. Nothing works. Still get com port error and no com with the ecm. I do need to down load the latest PLC update.
Read instructions and follow to a tee. What computer how much memory. When i bought PL installed it on comp with minimum required memory it didn't work. Installed more memory worked like a charm.
Alan-been there done that.
Frank-Dell Inspiron 1150, WIN XP, 2.6GHz, 100GB RAM, 141GB free on the HDD.
I posted the latest drivers in your thread at Full Throttle.

thanks Bob,
There was a problem w/Full Throttle's site this morning, I'll check again tonite. Rick-on some attempts the driver will show up in the device mgr, but it is yellow flagged. Using the right click method, they don't show up.