I lost to a Kawasaki ZX-7

Doctor Evil

Yeah, Baby...Yeah !
May 24, 2001
Last night (Friday), I was on my way home from the track in Bithlo, and had the M&H's (28x10) on, with 110 in the tank. I pull up to the light at the intersection of Alafaya Trail and Hwy 50, and a few seconds later, a Zx-7 and a R-1 Yamaha. The guy on the Yamaha had a passenger........
I smash the e-brake to the floor, and build about 10 lbs of boost before releasing.....were off !!! I immediately put 2-2 1/2 cars lengths on the ZX-7, and was holding him solid until about the 1/8 mi point, where he started reeling me in. I would guess I was at 110mph (I know, dangerous)and he was about 3 cars ahead. I was suprised that I did that well. I bet he said to himself "Oh golly!!" when I launched that hard. He gave the 'ole thumbs up.
I tried to get a race on the way home from there last night too. Old RX7 with the weedeater pipe. I stopped for a red light and was first, and he ran the light so he wouldnt hafta be next to me.

Those bikes have too much top end for our lil V6. You must have spun like crazy if you launched at 10psi !