I Need Some Help!!!


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May 24, 2001
I have freind who just called me and is broke down 150 miles west of Salt Lake City Utah. They are driving a 1989 trans am with a 700r4 in it. It has just lost 4th reverse and now 3rd. They are trying to limp into next town. Poor guy... car was just "lubed and all fluids changed" at a jiffy lube last week. Coincedence? I dont know... But they need assistance and I thought maybe someone on here could give me a reccomendation on who can help them that we can trust. Please..... They are sitting there till I get back to them. They are setting up for the night in a motel and with tommorrow being Sunday that really sucks. But Anybody that can help ...It would be greatly appreciated Please email me or call 916-681-5701 ASAP if you can help.

Lets impress the hell out of them and get them back on their way to Denver......

BFH comes thru....

BFH comes thru
Funny you should mention that cause Jason and I figured same thing, so I called BFH (Kevin) today and he helped me to rescue. Only problem is we, or they, have to wait till Monday but yes BFH COMES THRU!!!!! WAAHHOO

Thanks Kevin.........

I knew This board could help. Man ... good to know wherever you are in the USA you got TB.com guys there to help!!! Right On!!!