Need help with GN interior paint


There are several posts about the interior colors for out GNs. They recommend Gbody's, Kirbans, and other vendors. Some say their paints are close to the colors of the GN interior, and I seen pictures where some are light gray/blue color and some that are dark gray color. I am redoing the whole interior, so I don't know which way to go with it comes these different paints.

If anyone can post some pics of their painted interior and the types of colors they used would help me a lot!

With all due respect, pictures on the interwebz aren't going to help much. You have no idea what the color profile on the camera and lighting was available when the pictures were taken, and no two computer displays are alike unless they've been carefully calibrated.

If I were you, I'd go buy several interior plastic paints in various shades of gray and shoot samples and compare against your interior parts. The only way to get it to match is going to be to match it yourself with your own eyes, in person.
I used SEM Presidio for my gray interior parts. I believe that the brand that Kirban uses. I also used their plastic prep and cleaner also.
Just a heads up if your redoing your whole interior I wouldn’t be relying on using rattle can spray to do so! It is good if your painting some gauge pods or a trim panel or two. I would not use it on all the plastic. I’m pretty sure the paint Kirban gets is the same one as Gbodyparts sells.

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