I want to get .0015 rod bearing clearance


Jan 24, 2004
I want to use a combination of std and .001 oversize rod bearings to obtain this clearance.

Should I have the .001 oversize(thicker) rod bearing in the rod cap with the std rod bearing in the upper portion of the rod or visa versa?

Is.007 thrust bearing clearance OK? I measured this by having the crank at the rear main w/o seal and then prying gently with screwdriver so it is pushing against the thrust bearing. I've got .002 clearance on the mains but if the thrust is excessive, can I get a thrust bearing that is oversize on the thrust surface to get something smaller , like .005? I still want to have the .002 main bearing clearance.

Thanks for your input.
For your question on the rod bearings, I do not think it matters what side you put the std bearing in. Just split the set the same so next time you have another set to use.

I'm not sure on the thrust bearing. I don't know what the spec is for thrust. I would say that is fine, but I work on Chevy's and Hemi's. :D

My thrust is right about 7 thous & the engine works well & runs low 11's high 10's so you should be OK IMO. I build my engines myself but I am far from being a Pro so others can verify whether they agree or disagree with me?
I would suggest using the thicker bearing on the block side of the mains (it moves the crank farther down in the block, which tightens the timing chain) and use the thicker side of the rod bearing in the cap, so it is on the less stressed side. It probably doesn't REALLY matter, as long as you install them ALL the same. Do not install one on the block side and two on the cap side. That will cause binding on the crank.