Im doing a swap have questions.

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I have a motor all set I purchased from Cotton's from a 87 T type.My question regards.the brackets that the motor mounts bolt up to.Is the brackets on the GN engines simaler to the brackets on the GN block?If not anyone know where I can get a set?I ask because I plan on purchasing the H&R poly mount when they release them for the TTA.While we are on the subject,is the crossmember simaler on the tta to my year camaro?Thanks for any help
Now Im confused,Some are telling me the engine crosmember is the same and some tell me it is different.I was planning on getting the tta motor mounts fron H& R,and just purchasing the engine brackts from GM.Now I dont know what to do.I was told the GN motor mounts work though.Look like I have to do more research.:cool: Thanks
ooppps thought you were talkin tranny crossmember...


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I would be looking for some stock motor mounts if I were you,You never know when the aftermarket ones will be done,They have been talking about them for a long time now.


Hey Darren!
The TTA trans crossmember is totaly different. It comes back in the car alot further to mount the longer 200r. If your going to use your 700R as we discussed you might be able to re-use your existing crossmember. (Once again depending on where you set the engine on the engine crossmember.)
The stock GN *Frame* or crossmember mounts are all steel. They can be welded or bolted to the crossmember. Mock up the coil bracket/coil so you don't have a firewall clearance prolbem or remount it off the back of the motor if you want to set it back even further. Our two camaros are about 1/2" from the firewall/coil&bracket.
You can then use stock GN or HR Parts poly engine mounts.
I am not familar with the differences between the tta/gn "engine" mounts or "Frame"mounting pads.. We used the GN.

A 350/400 trans can use the stock F-Body Trans mount (engine placement dependent.)
The use of the 200R in the F-body requires the TTa mount or a tubular member like we fabricated.
GN headers/beginings of the Terry Houston DP 3" will work fine
Lots of room to work and enjoy.. Good luck
Call with any questions or better to E-Mail me.. Hope this helps, Scott Klepinger, Power Concepts,Inc.
Hey you 2 found me out!

Sorry Im abandoning the smallblock chevy:(,I just feel this is the right direction for me to go with my car.:D I was waiting on Tony from CAS to do the single turbo for the thirdgens,but I never heard anything back from my emails,and I had to forge ahead with new plans.Some one purchased my blower,and now my motor,so it is paying for my swap with money to be left over.Jack Cotton is a great guy to deal with and is an essential part of the equation of getting my project done.After talking with him and others on this board I was then excited on getting one of these engines in my car.Im looking to get it running right first,I have purchased some blue top injectors,and will be getting a chip.I plan on low 12s if I can.From there so Im told 11s are a couple of mods away.Jack Hooked me up with a tta engine harness,to go along with the complete motor I purchased off him.The swap has been done before with very minor headaches.

Emmisions were a problem with my other combo.No egr,,blower,to much noise,a emmisons station would not even look at my car.To many headaches,so I opted to sell everything.I was never going to finish my smallblock with my upcomming marriage.So the best plan was what I am doing now,sell everything and go Buick powered and have money left over for other things.

I am confident I will soon someday be where I wanted to go with the previous smallblock,but without the headaches.I know you will probably agree with me on this Guido,when you are one of the few to try to make a new combo work,you usually spend alot more than expected doing all the r&d on a car that has no after market in my opinion.( well at the time I was spending my money)

The GN motors are bullit proof powerhouses that can take a beating.I will admit even before I ever bought my blower in 1996 I was always facinated by the GN 6 turbo,But as I learn more and more about the engine I am glad I am going this route.Thanks for the support,guys,Hope to see both of you soon at englishtown. :cool:
Yeah I did a lot of testing and fitting to get that thing in there. Dont regret a second! Its been a blast!

I know what you mean about Tony. Seems that things take a while for him. :confused:

Anyway, it sounds like you have a good plan right now! Good luck bro.
Thanks I already have checked it out but....

Steve Kaminski unfortunatly is not doing the motor mounts at this time,I called him and he let me know he might start up again in a month or so.I really would like if I could get a hold of his motor mounts.Ill be calling him back in a couple of months to see if he resumed making them.:cool:
Good luck with your swap, when are you getting started? I've had the '89 L98 Vette 350 out of my '87 Iroc since October, and since gotten busy repainting the GN. But last weekend I finally shot the GN and now it's time to start on my swap! It seems alot easier to make a turbo v6 faster than a 350!!! I don't know how much $ I dumped into different small blocks on that car, even had a 385 with a 144 weiand blower that only ran a 13.8:mad: . Enough of that!! I have the wrecked '86 T-type parked next to the Iroc and in the next few weeks I'll be cutting away at wiring harnesses!:eek:

Listen to UR50SLO, they've helped me out alot!
roc87,I am going to get underway as soon as Cottons is finished freshening up the motor I purchased from him.He changed the timing chain with a double roller,new oil pickup and pump gears,rear main seal and valve springs and new seals all around.I totally agree with you on the fact that this engine can be made faster than a smallblock much cheaper.Thats one of the main reasons why Im swapping this engine in.I weighed all my options and my goals and the turbo six was always at the top of my list everytime for meeting my criteria.I wanted good mileage,something modified smallblocks only dream of.Reliability,another plus for the buick engine,streetability,aftermarket and tested combos that work.This all adds up to the Buick engine.I was having problems even getting a emmisions station to look at my car,and now with rolling dyno emmisons the stuff comming out of my tailpipe is much more important.I seriously want to run a clean emmisions legal engine in my car,but the times I wanted with the smallblock it was not going to happen,and I dont want the car to be track only,Id sell it before then.Please keep in touch if you can,I like to get as much help and ideas from all entusiests putting this motor in a third gen car as possible.Thanks and good luck to you to.:cool:

I've been talking with Paul Ferry@HR parts about the TTA motor mounts/frame mounts. He's wanting to resume plans for production of these parts. If ANYONE has a extra set please e-mail him!!!!! I think John's performance is going to send a set to Paul so he can do final plans but he needs a set ASAP if all you TTA guys want good engine mounts!
I'm looking at making a swap manual for Buick powertrain into F-body and into S-10s. Think it would help everyone with all these questions. I've done everything for the wiring to make all the stock gauges work to placment and measurement.
If you are famailar with swaps then "Jags that run" would be a name you've heard of. They make manuals for SBC's into everything from Jaguars to 280zx's. In their recent S-10 swap book they stated that 99% of S-10 LT1 projects that get started don't get finished and do not recomend doing it. We did that swap 2yrs ago in a 91 S-10. It's got over 40,000mi on the clock in the S-10 now with excellent drivablity. It gets 2mpg better than the 4.3L!!!! Completely stock with 3.08gears it runs 13.40's
We might be having that swap book come out too.
I just need time to work with the books and wiring for every option that people want to have. Hooker Headers #1 selling part for the last several years has been the S-10 V8 Swap kit. With the age of carb. small blocks comming to a end I think we'll see alot more injected engines being used Buick and others. What do you think?
Thanks, Scott Klepinger
Power Concepts,Inc.
Dan,board name Grumpy has a couple of set,he told me he would only sell them with complete engine anway.Might try to contact him.I would really want to go this route and use the factory stuff from the TTA,main reason I dont have a welder,and if I did I never would know how to use it:confused: Ur 50slo,I ended up getting the harness from a TTA from Jack,It will intergrate into my factory harness much easier than the T type.Im open to anything to make the swap easier.Maybe power concepts can market a kit to make the swap easier into the thirdgens.:cool: Thanks for all your help Scott,when I get the motor I will be contacting you for some more info.
darren, just curious..what is Jack charging for a GN or TTA motor?

I got mine, complete with everything needed except a MAF, and i mean EVERYTHING, even the damn starter. Just rebuilt 2K miles ago for $2K

i thought that was a good deal

The motor only has 50K original miles.
The motor I bought was used,out of a stock 87 t type.I paid 2800.I know I could of got it cheaper,but at what cost,truth is, I really dont know what I am getting if i bought from over the net since I dont know anything about these motors,and dont want to be taken for a ride.I went with Jack because I know if after the install if the motor gives me any problems he will stand behind it,I dont doubt that.When I was looking for a motor I got alot of emails from people wanting to sell engines.Some steered me to Jack.I called him up and he explained alot and answered alot of my questions about the Gn engine.I am very familer with the smallblock chevy,but this engine is another story.I got everything,computer,wiring harness from TTA,whole intercooler setup,starter,vacume hoses,pullys, etc,basically everything that came out of the t types engine bay I got.I opted to buy Blue tops from Jack too.I was offered an engine for sale with 40,000 miles ,etc low mile engines for sub 2 grand.Im naturally skeptical,I want to actually see and touch what i am buying,especially spending that much.Im waiting for Jack to get back to me when the engine is ready.Then the fun begins:D