Im The New People's Champ For 2009


2-1 FOR 2010
Dr Boost, after leaving your house today i was thinking about the title of the people champ,Would you nominate me for the 2009 slowest gn people champ in the midwest
cars that don't run don't count
looks that way, im going to be dropping her off at Jimmy's on saturday first thing in the morning,for some reason my gn always seems to be a big pain in the ass to work on.

By the way dr boost wasnt scratching his head,he was wiping his ass after droping a full load in his trouser,after he felt the raw power of the slowest gn ever:rolleyes::biggrin:

HEY Surej, don't forget any time you come up north pass by HOG WILD for me for some pork chop.