Injen SP7033P Short Ram Air Intake System For Sale


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I have an Injen SP7033P Short Ram Air Intake System for sale. This fits a 2014+ Buick Regal with the 2.0L turbo or a 2014+ Chevy Malibu with the turbo engine.

Asking $175, shipping included (lower 48).

I bought it in November of 2015 and installed it in my wife's 2015 Buick Regal GS. There's approximately 1000 miles on the it's basically brand new. I love it but my wife does not.

She doesn't appreciate hearing the turbo spin up or the performance gain, and since it's her daily driver I've been convinced to reverting back to the factory intake system.

This Injen system works great with the Trifecta tune which we have on the car too.

I also have a Red Hydro-Shield Pre-Filter on the system which I'm including in the sale.



Received the filter. Bolted it on in like 20 minutes. All I can say is BAD ASS! Love the sound! Can't wait to get the tune now!

Thanks again!