IrvJr- Great guy, cares more about the hobby then the money


Identity Crisis
Oct 20, 2010
Like the title says, he sold me a trans in excellent condition for below what there going for and from what i could tell it didnt seem to bother him at all. As he said himself "Id rather it go to good use than just sit around." If you get a chance to do buisness with him dont even think twice about it. Would buy anything off him again. Description was very accurate, maybe even underestimated the trans. ;)
Thanks for the kind words. Dont know how i missed this glowing review for so long.
haha no problem...Yeah my trans guy pulled it apart and the little plastic pieces that the factory puts in were still in their which means that it was the definition of an original trans
Thats awesome, but i was told it was rebuilt. Which the previous owner to me was told by the guy he bought it from. But this is better by far. How did it look inside?
He said it looked great, first nd second gear looked worn (expected) but everything looked greeat regardless, he said it just needed the normal upgrades nd it was good to go.
Im very glad to hear that. Let me know how it rips when you get her together.