Is there ANY alternative to ball/cup pushrods, SII heads?


formerly turbo_canuck
Jul 18, 2001
I'm running stage 2 chapman heads, with t+d shaft rockers. everything on top is oiled by exterior lines plumbed into the heads, and through the shafts. I cant, for some reason, stop smashing the tops (cup end) on the pushrods,no matter how perfectly i adjust the valves. sometimes it's immediately, some times it's after a few runs, but i always semm to smash a couple. is there any way to change the adjusters in the rockers to a cup instead of a ball, so i could use ball/ball pushrods? HELP!!!!:(
We had the same exact problem. We had it happen to two pushrods, then we got new T&d's. they have a cup instead of a ball socket. We now run 1 piece pushrods and the motor is happy :)
You shouldnt be having this problem. Are you sure your getting oil(or enough oil up to the shafts?? Are the shafts on the correct way?? When the lash is set are the slots on the adjuster and the slot in the rocker basically lined up so that the oil will pass through?? Something is wrong!!! Mike:cool:
Mike, What slot in the adjuster are you referring to? where is it supposed to be? thanks by the way for the parts, but it looks like i may be needing 2 or 3 more...:(

P.S. I sent the check today, sorry it took so long, first lunch hour i had a little bit of time...:eek:
T & D changed...

some hardware a short time ago. Give them a call and check to insure you have the proper adjusters. If you located your current setup used, you may not be matching the pieces. As cheap as these newer replacement designs are, you may want to give them a try.
Did you buy you rockers used? If so, it would be a good idea to send them to T&D and have them checked.
Are side clearances shimmed per T&D spec?

I thought the rockers that came with my S2 heads were OK (wrong), they were so far out of spec they couldn't be rebuilt (as in junk). I ended up replacing everything but the shafts and replaced the hardware to the newer spec adjusters.
I'm guessing the latest adjusters are cryo'ed. :confused: Oiling problems='s :mad:

Noel Manton has some nice tapered PRs BTW.

I'd like to know what you discover is the problem.