Is this realistic?


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Jun 26, 2023
building a motor for my car, it’s just a street car, will never see the track just the parking lot at the Mexican restaurant. I have a 153 on center block and intake and heads. I have been told that the heads will not work for my build due to port size and the rpm’s required to make them flow, multiple people have told me this so I am not disputing that. So a friend told me he feels that if I use a larger turbo and smaller primary tube headers that I could potentially slow the flow down to a point where I could use the stage 2 heads. Not trying to sound ignorant but I could have missed something he said. In theory does that work?
I used to run Stage 2 heads on my car, I can say first hand running a larger turbo surely wont help drivability. My car was very dopey AKA: no fun to drive with an PTE 80 mm turbo on it. In regard to primary tube diameter it will likely not make any difference. You'll need at least a 1 3/4" primary due to the exhaust port size on the head. The headers will likely be custom fabricated and very costly.

Having it to do over again I'd suggest running a production based head like a TA or later Champion head with a reasonable size cam and turbo to have a more enjoyable combo. If you have E 85 in your area build the engine with more static compression for better spool up and throttle response.

I will release some data soon that will one way or another properly answer what is and what's not possible with stage 2 heads.
No disrespect to anybody in the past
But tuning
And turbochargers technology has completely changed
I have a car here that's on the latest greatest and I will share soon.
The goal is to have it not suck on the street and not just be an 8 sec spool t brake combo that goes good on the track.
I'm actually hoping for footbrake success but it does have a tbrake to get after it if necessary 😎
I have a few tricks up my sleeve and will share some data after significant testing is done on the street.