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In front of your regal
Jun 20, 2001
Come and support their friends. Oct. 27th is going to be the biggest Ford vs. Buick SHOOTOUT EVER!! Last year over 100 from each camp showed up and the Fords took the buicks on a ride! Forget EnglishTown, forget all those other events, come pick your fight with a stang in cool weather and low altitude. I just don't want all the buick guys to start crying after 2 IN A ROW!! You guys always talk the talk, please come walk the walk. You can get all the info on this up and coming slaughter at....
now that sounds like a party...anybody got a spare C130, I'd like to go!
Count me in. By then, I'll have another "small" mod or two and will put the smack down on a trailered mustang.
I hope I can make it...I've done a lot of work just for the shootout and I have a HUGE conflict that came up recently. Maybe TF or JM can drive my car if they don't get there stuff together. Needless to say we need ALL the support we can get. We have to win this year.

See ya,
Kev :)
I sure hope Buick comes out on top this year!!! I might make the trip out there myself:eek:
I'll move this to the events forum where it really should be.