Jeremy & Lou @ irwindale tonight?


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You will get him jeremy, its just a matter of time and some seat time on the black beast, Lou has no chance..
Word is, he went to irwindale Thursday. Supposedly the track conditions were the worst ever but he managed his best ever time in the demon. This was supposedly done WITHOUT using his race tune. The track was terrible but he ran the best ever....very suspicious, considering he was using the same lane as this car pictured the same night...:rolleyes:

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My car is now lifting the wheels and ran 6.68 105.50 on a bad track they were only running one lane it was so bad I wasn’t able to use my 840 tune once I do it will be good for at least another 2 tenths and 3 miles an hour I expect to be running 6.40 soon. My friends demon ran recently a 9.75 at 138 at the royal purple nationals in Texas. This is what awaits spoolfool and Jermy . they are toast !


Lou's Automotive 949-378-1590

Welcome to 2005. My Street car ran 6.47 @ 108.5 better than 15 years ago at Irwindale. Pretty soon you'll tell us that bell bottoms are coming back in style! :p Where's my 8 track of Foghat?

so now you’re throwing me under the bus don’t forget you drive a Dodge also my issue is with that little faggot Jermy And his associate butt buddy Spoolfool. I was minding my own business when they decided to bite off more than they can chew they are the reason I bought this demon I got tired of being bullied by those two I want my pound of flesh from them