John Schmidts first full pass in THE RIVIERA at ATCO N.J.


Nov 27, 2003
After all the thrashing this year to get the new Riviera down the track it has finally come for Mr.Schmidt.

The gremlin that held this mighty Riviera from making it's maiden run was....a bad distributor cap. :confused:

These are the numbers for the first full shakedown pass at Atco N.J. 11-17-07:

8.19 @ 172mph
1.31 60ft
big time tire shake for the full pass.

Congratulations John !!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

John was describing the problem to me down in Oklahoma and seemed like it'd take years to get going.

Glad to hear it's rocking! Congrats John!!!!

-Adam Kary
I guess " DEEBAR " is speechless !!!!! :eek: :eek: Hey john-- Im over the whole BPG thing. Hope you get it flying next year !! MIke:cool:

congrats john glad to here the great news. cant wait to see it in person. i was at the midwest buick challenge in sept. when you had it at the line and it stalled when you took off then you refired it and took off like a bottle rocket. so hope i hope to see it soon. cant wait.

Riviera John Schmidt

A couple of it. :eek:




Later AJ
Need some whole car pics. That is a sweet body style. A wheels up video would be killer. very nice work.
Need to find them on another DVD.


Later AJ


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Tuned manifolding!

Someone knows what they're doing. An excellent example of a completely tuned air flow package. I love it.

Short intake runners, large plenum! That would have been my choice too. I like the way the passage after the TB blends into the plenum. Keeps velocity and turbulence down. Equal length exhaust runners? Short tubing path to and from the aftercooler. Some great thinking went into this setup.

This should be the model to follow. I love it.

Now you just need to put it on alcohol.:biggrin: I see room on that manifold for another row of injectors.;)