Johnny Lightning GN's


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Dec 18, 2005
Since I can't afford the real thing, I got the next best thing. The one I have is actually unpainted. Are these rare? I also have a blue GN slot car body that I found at a hobby shop. I'll try to get pics if anyone is interested.

By the way, thanks WE4 for helping me out, and hello to all! :biggrin:


The JL car, I'll have to scrounge around for, haven't seen it since I moved, but will do.

The slot car body I just happened apon in the shed the other day.
As an update, Ive been looking, and haven't found it yet. I had some of my belongings at a cousin's house, if it isn't there, I might be SOL. :(

I've also tried some Googling to maybe find a pic on the net, but no such luck there, either. I was drug free when I bought it, and when I asked my brother about it, he remembered it.

I remeber it was a part of a series called Bare Metal. And there was print on the front that said it was 1 out of 10,000. There HAS to be another one out there that someone has seen.
Could someone help me out and post up a pic if they can, or confirm that they have seen one of these. If for no other reason, so I don't look like a new guy trying to lie to make friends! :p