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hi...i have a few questions, has anyone ever herd of exs competion speakers? are they any good? ok my friend has an 87 limited and he has 1 12, polk audio, bottom of the line speaker, with a 2 channel sony explode amp, bridged, its like 3 inches from the back wall of the trunk and it hit extremely hard for 1 12, is that the best location for the speaker in our cars? will you get the same bass response if the speaker was on the shelf closer to the front of the car in the trunk? and i was wondering if audiowizard had scanned any pictures of his installs yet, im real interested in lookin at them especially buick/monte carlo ones, thanks alot eveyrone
If you want to see pics of my GN, click on a link that I provided in my signature. As far as location of a subwoofer, it depends on the type sub, enclosure, power and position. Some people aim the sub toward the taillights and some aim them toward the backseats. I have mine ported through the rear deck so the sound is coming into vehicle and not bouncing around the trunk. It took some modification and alot of time but was well worth the effort to get the sound that I wanted. I will bring up another post of some of my pics that are broken down individually, it will be listed as "Audiowizards GN pics".