Just got a tta


Well I just got home with my new toy. Bought it from Bo (TT/Ameasap) Let the fun begin. Got some pretty good mpg on the way home 24-25mpg Hell of a lot better that the sy gets. Is there anyone close to Little rock Ar. with one? Also does anybody close to me build transmitions?
Nwarky is in Rogers. I'll point him in the direction of this thread whenever he gets online, he's always complaining of no one having TTAs or TBs around him.
lol Yea I do complain all the time. That means there are 2 lc2 powered vehicles in a 3 hr range. There arent any mechanics that remotely specialize in these cars and there are absolutely no dragstrips up here. Sucks car wise around here. Hope you enjoy your TTA as I am sure you will. You have AIM? Would love to talk to you more.

Thanks Jason