Just installed a bison built turbo


May 17, 2002
Sup guys just wanted to give a positive feedback on bisons work and service, he went above and beyond what I ever expected. The turbos nothing fancy since I'm running a pretty mild combo, I'm actually not even sure what it is exactly maybe bison can chime in on that. I believe it's a billet 60-1 compressor in a 4" inlet housing and a stage 3 turbine in a Garrett .63 which I think makes this similar to a te-60. I was previously over turboed and lag was pretty bad with the stock d5, after giving bison a call this is what was recommended and a week later it showed up at the post office despite me living in hawaii. Onto the turbo, sorry no pics of just the turbo itself but take my word for it all mating surfaces were nice and flat, cleanliness was awesome, turbine housing painted. My opinion only is this turbo is nicer than a brand new precision unit, and custom built for my application. The workmanship and attention to detail is top notch.

I've only had time to get up to 20 psi so far(shooting for 25 eventually) but the lag I was experiencing before is gone. Spool up is right on for a 100% street car w/a d5, I can't wait to get the ptc 10" l/u in and see what that's like.


Nice write up with pix. He has posted more tech info than any moderator on ANY board. His expertise and honesty puts him at top of the food chain.

Thanks Bison.

Thanks guys. This is a common 60-1 upgrade wheel I use. When coupled with a stage 3 or equivalent turbine and a garrett .63 ex housing it spools extremely fast even with a marginal converter. The compressor has increased blade surface area, improved aerodynamics, and is lighter than a cast 60-1. This setup leaves Tyler in a position to switch out to a stage 5 turbine in the future and pick up a bunch of mass flow potential with heads and cam.
turbojoe1 said:
Nice , bison that's the one you call a 10.90/121 right?

Thanks Joe
That would be a cast 60-1. With a stage 5 ex wheel that turbo can support mid 10 sec power
Where did you get the sweet fittings for your boost controller? Also, how did you hook them to your boost controller? I have the same controller, and I want to mount it the sma e place you have yours. Great looking turbo.
Thanks, it's a combination of parker push lok and parker a-lok compression fittings I got at a parker store in Arizona. I heard hallman is making replacement fittings to adapt -4 lines to the controller, otherwise I just used npt fittings and threaded them into the controller. A quick Internet search will tell you what size they are. It's either 1/4" npt or 1/8" npt
I have this exact same turbo from bison. Only drove the car a little and it spooled great. Only problem was that my idea if spooling was misjudged do to having a 1500 stall converter and not a stock d5. I believe mine was a d4. I just have a different compressor housing. I believe its a e.

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I had Brian do a turbo for me also. Completely satisfied with dealing with him, got rid of 80% of the compressor surge I was experiencing, and now pulls like a train in third when in mid 20s boost. Before with the smaller comp wheel I couldn't get more than 24psi