Just Started My New Motor


Jan 7, 2004
Okay just got my new motor in and its been running about 10 minutes. This is my Scanmaster readings. Please tell me if these numbers look all right and if not, how to fix, please. Also I've got 30 PSI on the oil, and my fuel PSI is at 42 with line off.

YouTube - IMG 1622

Thanks In Advance
ok, i will take a stab at it

IAC is ok but alittle high. if you want to dial it in

IAC Reset Procedure

everything looks good other than that. battery looks alittle weak right now but im sure it will charge up. also let the chip learn alittle

Okay today I got the IAC in the 20 to 25 range. I've put about 30 miles on it as of now with my wastegate rod disconnected. Mr. Nick to answer your question concerning oil. G&G prime their motors before the customer receives the motor. I called G&G and found out that they use 20/50 Kindle motor oil. After driving it around today oil PSI settled in at 19 to 22 PSI.