Kilduff Machine, Exterminator Ratchet Shifter


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Dec 6, 2009
Great customer service, made to order custom.
-Blacked out with black oxide hardware.
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Can you post a pic installed and let us know what you had to do / cut / modify to make it work? Thanks!

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Yes I'll post everything. It will take a bit, I ordered a custom piece.

After 6 emails with Brian and a call. Brian made sure I was getting what I'd be happy with. He is a TB fan and a member on here. Unfortunately his TB was stolen years ago.
My plan is for a clean install with no metal cutting or welding on the car. Reversable if I take it back stock.
Can you use the stock cable or do you need to use an aftermarket one?

It's 5', which I like.
Short stock one seemed to bind, even after replacing.