Rear Diff. clutch pack replacement.


Oct 7, 2014
Hello everyone. Happy New Year. So, I'm thinking of replacing rear end clutches. Has anyone used "Carbon Fiber" material instead of standard clutch material? There is a company, Ron's Machine Service, they are out of Michigan. They make a kit for our cars. They also include spacers/shims of different thicknesses. I plan to call them before I do anything. I would need to know Spec. with regard to compressed thickness of "Clutch Pack." I will also check my books. Thanks very much ...
I can see no advantage to carbon fiber you can brake the OE carrier with enough horsepower with its cheese S spring and steels I would rat hole the $ and save up for a truetrac. They sale a lot of them got to be something to them.
You are right. Good point! Thanks...