Labor Day Specials

Dennis Kirban

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Mar 5, 2009
By now readers know the routine. Prices shown include shipping to any of the basic 48 states. Best results email me personally with your request using my code number/letter. I don't deal in photos but deal in accurate descriptions and good prices.

9-A I have 2 more original powermaster brake bowls tested good Just $55 each. Ideal to have a spare as the bowl is usually the problem as long as your brake fluid is clean. By problem I mean if your brake lite is just starting flicker on.

9-B Similar to above only this is the reproduction Cardone used brake bowl. Probably better since its newer.
Again same price $55 each. I have 3 of them.

9-C A good used original battery hold down clamp same one used on all Regals 1984-1987. Excellent condition just $18. I got 2 to sell.

9-D For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal stock turbo a brand new billet inlet bell for stock turbo outlet. Hard to find these anymore. Just $26 owns it.

9-E For any 1984-1987 Regal/Turbo Regal a super mint zero rust issues used trunk lid. Its black even have the key. Has no dents no dings. Took if off a Regal personally that had been sitting since 2009 in the woods in a nearby junk yard that does not let customer wonder in. Price is $150 PLUS truck freight or pick up only at $150. Even the lip molding is perfect on this trunk lid. Jacking directions decal is still intact. Underside is still shiny black. Exterior surface is faded. I can provide photos of the trunk lid.

9-F Off the same car described above a good used rear bumper with the aluminum support still intact. Bumper is low end driver quality has no dings no dents bumper guards intact as is the rubber strip. You are buying it for the aluminum support the chrome bumper is a bonus it. $145 shipping or $95 picked up.

9-G Again referring to same car a very nice front bumper great driver quality chrome missing one rubber bumper guard strip again no dings no dents chrome is nice has aluminum support which is what you are buying as the chrome bumper is a bonus. $145 shipping or $95 picked up.

Note: Replacing your steel reinforcements is one of the best ways to shed some weight plus aluminum does not rust. Remember you are buying the aluminum supports the chrome bumpers is a bonus.

9-H For the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal stock turbo I have a good used factory elbow just $26 owns it.

9-J For the 1984-1987 Turbo Regal with chrome package I have a good used chrome molding that goes in across the dash from instrument panel over the glove box plus a good set of stainless door edge guards the factory ones. Its a package deal of both for $32.

9-K For any vacuum brake conversion the one hard to get item is the correct vacuum brake pedal that makes the install easy. I have two price is $52 each. The powermaster brake pedal has a is different size mounting pin and its in a different location on the pedal assembly.

9-M For any 1984-1987 Turbo Regal a very nice matched set of the amber marker lites the ones that sit in the front bumper. Amber part is still very bright just $34 buys the pair. Includes the lite socket to first plug on the back. Nothing busted or cracked.

9-N I have 2 of the upgraded refurbished steering shafts the ones with the metal joints at each end superior to the Jeep ones as these come out of a later model GM vehicle.. Buy ANYTHING else on this list and you can buy this item for $75. No exceptions. Only will do two deals.

9-O Factory sealed the Monogram GNX and ZR1 Corvette twin pack 1:24 scale model kit from years ago just $48. I got 2 to sell.

9-P Again factory sealed a Monogram 1:24 GNX model. Just $26

9-R A good used 100% correct Made in England radiator cap and the upgraded flip down stay down license plate bracket both work on any 1984-1987 Turbo Regal just $29. I can do 4 of these deals. Keep in mind the Made in England radiator cap is the only cap that is 100% correct for our cars and nobody has reproduced it.

9-S I have two brand in the GM box original correct 1987 power steering caps. These are discontinued by GM and work in reverse. Price is $29 each.

9-V From a 1986 regular Regal Limited I got a good used chrome grille nothing busted. Driver quality again its chrome has chrome across the top says Buick. Fits all 1984-1987 Regals. Cheap at $28.

9-T I got one complete optional used map reading lite assembly nice shape 100% complete. Replaces the round lite that was common in hardtops. Just $24 buys it.

9-Z We just had made T-Tops sun shades. While several versions may exist we had them made locally by a long time friend of ours that does headliners. Once installed they look like all the higher priced ones. I will sell our sample set at a special price since it was used for photos and the edges have been crushed where the T-Top seats on them when installed. Again inside the car they look brand new. These are grey made using headliner material. The outer edge is notched so they actually lock into the side of your T-Top. Keeps the sun from fading your interior and if your air works it doesn't have to work as hard. This one set only in grey is just $44. Production ones will be slightly higher and of course require shipping costs in addition. These are not yet on our website. Watch for word in our weekly inner circle or email me for more information

That is it for parts for this listing. Enjoy the holiday. I will be attending the upcoming East Coast Regionals in Cecil County Dragway on Saturday only. I will have mostly an array of used tagged and bag goodies with me. Hard to believe another season is winding down.

again best to email me direct on your requests from this listing
9-T I got one complete optional used map reading lite assembly nice shape 100% complete. Replaces the round lite that was common in hardtops. Just $24 buys it.

Dennis, can you test this unit for operation of the map lights please. I need one that both of the map lights work.

PM sent