Laptop HD issue, BSOD

John Larkin

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Sailing along last night and crash. Two blue screens, system restore doesn't work, system repair doesn't work, I don't have a Windows 7 recovery disc (though I will try to get one today). The good news is I can boot into Safe Mode and see everything. I am on my old XP laptop now just to get by. So I want to save my emails, pictures, files, music and tax files basically. From what I read I can drag and drop them onto a USB stick or DVD? Or should I try to borrow a USB external hard drive dongle thingy and remove the HD to transfer to the new machine I am buying?
John, my bud's XP did that when he had something spilled on it.. He took it to the place that he was going to get the new LT from. They took the hd out, transferred the files. I think it was $50....
Cheap $50.
I did the same thing, when the HD on my XP machine did that. The tech put it in another LT, dl'd the files onto the replacement HD. Since I bought the HD from them, no charge...
I have an OLD XP Compaq, and decided on a new one. I bought an ASUS. SSDD, matte screen, 15.6", lots of other goodies... $550 to the door, from Amazon.
A matte screen was a deal breaker for me, as I use it in cars, and the glare from a "regular" screen is NASTY.
It's a steep curve for me, to go from XP, to 10...:rolleyes: So, I got a copy of WIN 10 For Dummies...:D

P Logger fired right up, linked w/o issue, too.(y)
Thanks. I will probably go to a pro also. There is a decent tech at work. I might hire him if he's willing to do some side work.
I would save all of my files to either a high capacity thumb drive ( dongle thingey) or an external hard dive. If you do the thumb drive , make sure it has enough memory. I have found the thumb drive to be the fastest as it the data doesn't have to go through a usb cable.
What I did was to put all of my files I wanted to save in ONE folder then saved it to an ext hard drive. Took awhile, but I didn't have to sit with the computer and add each file. I could have hit "select all" and "copy" , but I didn't want to take the chance of losing anything.

However, if you do get a recovery disc, I think all of your files will still be saved. Obviously, if you have to "wipe" the laptop' s hard drive your data would be lost if you didn't save it.

Also, if the drive is bad, you'll have to save your data as well and replace the hard drive.
Good luck.