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Jul 12, 2003
Just being lazy and its cold outside, but... What is the size of the VBand needed for the connection between header/crossover pipe on an ATR setup? im thinking 2.5" but not sure. TIA
Anyone know? I'd like to know too. My ATR's leak like a sieve at the V-band connection passenger side. It could be too that the cheesy clamp ATR sent is toast. I've had it off and on so many times trying to seal it up that it may not work now. I'm going to purchase two new GOOD clamps and hopefully end this leak for good. :mad:
I can set you up with a stainless connection, using a copper seal i make handmade, and reusable many times. It would require some welding. It consistes of 2two stainless rings, and a clamp with a single bolt to take it off in seconds. The sizes that are avail are 2" od, 2.5 OD 3" OD. I think the atr pipe is 2 1/4 od. So you could weld the collar on top. I can get you a price if your interested. YOu can see a pic on my cats how they look.

Next choice would be to double up the gaskets per connection. That will work until u take it apart a few times.

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I'd like to see an exploded view of that connection. That looks really awesome, but to be honest, I really didn't want to have to remove the passenger side header. I really think this is a result of a crappy V-band clamp. I might be interested in a copper gasket though. Could you make a copper gasket to fit my crossover if I give you the dimensions? Or maybe even tell me where I could get some relatively thick sheet copper to make one myself. The driver's side V-band seals up perfectly, but the passenger side is another story. The clamp is somewhat distorted too. What kind of clamps are those in your picture? I have no doubt that your setup is superior, just a little more involved than I wanted to make this. But, it may be inevitable. Thanks for your help, very nice craftmanship.
Not sure if a copper gasket is going to help you there. I have atr headers here, but presently are not using them , since i changed dp's. If the connection is not square no mattter what you put in is going to leak. The crossover pipe is probably hitting the lower control arm and causing the connection to sit off square. For now double up the atr grey gaskets and try a new v-band. You can get a piece of 1/8 copper tubing form it in a circle and flatten it with two pieces of steel and vise. Then braze or silver solder the end and file to fit, it takes some patience.

Ill try and get you some more pics of my set up over the weekend.

R.G.RAI corp part #10528

these v-band clamps work great.

norbs, what is the thickness of those flanges? Looks like a nice setup.
Id say there about 1/8" each side. and the clamp is about 5/8" thick. I can get them in 1.5, 2,2.5,3,4" OD and everything is 100% stainless.