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Jun 7, 2007
Okay so took my buick out for a lil drive. Parked it to talk to some friends. Went back to it 10 minutes later or so noticed antifreeze on ground. Inspected leaking at headgasket on drivers side by front plug (#1). So I'm like great drove home 10 minutes away or so. Shut off let cool not a drop leaking now.
I have gn1 aluminum heads ,with mls cometic head gaskets, and arp studs. So now im wondering what the heck. Pull all apart and install new ones,or retorque and go. Gaskets are 3 - 4 years old.
Thoughts on this or something i should look at....
Just my opinion having dealt with many head gasket issues, what I would do is re-torque w/o loosening your bolts or studs to at least 5ft-lbs over where they are now.

Then start the engine and add GM pellets, or your choice of block sealant, and drive the car for 1/2 hour or so with little or no boost, and see if this cures the issue.
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That cylinder got hot and saw detonation.

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Well all apart no damage to head. Gasket top layer of cylinder one gasket torn. And bottom layer on cylinder 3 gasket is torn also.
Head and block deck all are true and flat. Ordered new set gaskets. Put permatex thread aealer on studs instead of the stay plyble crap had on before. Let sit day retorqued let sit another day retorqued again. Today dropped 2 gm tabs in and added coolant took for a 35 minute drive. So far so good....
It's a pain in the ass but you should re torque the heads after a week or two. I waited a few months because I'm lazy but during that time I wouldn't stay in it, just a quick jab here and there, and every nut moved during the re torque operation. Now I feel confident to stay in it, so many mustangs so little time....