Left Door panel arm rest and right rear wheel molding for 87 gn


Jan 28, 2006
Looking for a nice drivers side armrest pad gray obviously. Have a mint 35k mile car so want something that looks pretty good. Also need a right rear wheel well molding black obviously. Would be shipped to 19047 so let me know if anybody can help me out.
I should have a nice arm rest for you I'll have to check tomorrow to see what wheel well moldings I have. I'm down 95 in Delaware Co.
well let me know if you have them also looking for the black ring that goes on the fender for power antenna. thanks
Ok don't have the wheel molding for right rear only front. I have a nice driverside arm rest and I have the antenna bezel. $25 for both. Need anything else I have a lot of parts!!
i might need a right taillight and bumper shock if they are damaged. will have to see when i take them off got some fillers on the way. i need the bezel to do my antenna and just want the arm rest cause its the only flaw in the interior minus the speaker cover but they always crack and im just gonna put a dash mat on it. let me know when you want to do this and ill shoot down and check out your other parts. it will be nice to know someone local, thanks.
I have a very nice dash speaker plate. Save up some Christmas money!! Or if you want something cheap I still have a metal Kirbans speaker cover that he had out a couple of years ago. Whenever you want to come down and pick up send me a Message/Conversation on here.
i want to come get those parts i need. also need a wheel cap now just lost one out cruising yesterday. send me your number or give me a call to set this up thanks.
mike 267-242-3042
I'll try and give you a ring in the morning been busy today with the car. I have a couple GN center caps floating around too.