Let's talk stall speed ...I'm confused


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Dec 19, 2007
So I jut installed my ew PTC converter I got from Dusty..... its a 10" 3000 stall,I actuall got it a few weeks ago I have just been too busy to put it in.

Anyway what I had was an ART Carr 10" NLU 3000 stall that had issues....when I firsted started to investigate on checking the stall everything i found was referring checking the stall speed at 0-1psi the converter would hit that at 1900rpm which is very low. It would also be around 2400-2600 at 5-6psi and start to spin the tires.

After installin my new converter today....everything went smoothly....topped off the fluids and ran it through the gears about 4 times on the lift I set it on the ground to check the stall speed.

So in the driveway the boost gauge just moved at 2400-2500.....I thought I was going to see 3000 as described from other posts I read about stall speed.....I gave it a lil more gas and saw 3000-3100 and the tires started to spin this was also at about 4 psi.

No in my mind this is a 3000 stall converter because it locked in at 3k and started to spin the tires........I am confused on what are you actually supposed to see at 0-1psi? Should I see 3k at 0-1psi?

I did not get to drive the car because it started to rain so I have no other input besides stalling it in the driveway.

Can some one please explain
Stall speed will change depending on how easily the turbo builds boost. What you want it enough stall to easily spool the turbo so you don't have a lot of lag. Any extra stall speed just leads to un necessary drive train looses. It sounds like your combo builds boost very easily which is a good thing.
yeah it sure seem to buid pretty quickly and the stall seems to be dead on 3k, I was just curious on the whole "0-1psi" I read so much on this topic. I can not wait to drive it I am sure it will be a huge improvement from what I had....it has been rainly like crazy so I will just have to wait.

Thanks Dusty!
003.JPG005.JPG I really never understand the diff, but I just changed to a NLU true 3400 stall.. WOW what a difference in how the car drives. Just wanted to say Thanks to Chris at CK Performance.....