Lightning cap for sale $50 free ship


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Nov 14, 2001
I guess this should go in parts for sale , but not sure if anyone other than the people who visit this section would want this?

1.0 Farad Lightning Audio capacitor , black with blue writing and airbrushed lightning bolt , in great condition, no scratches , includes mounting brackets, a must if you are running a subwoofer with a big amp, provides instant current when needed , will help with dimming lights on big bass notes. Usually sells for around $150-$175 new

$50 shipped to your door
It is a couple of years old , I bought a friend's complete stereo system to re-sell. I am not sure what the "lightning strike model is?" , but cap is all black with the word "lightning" and "1.0" in cool blue writing , then an airbrusehed cloud with lightning bolts going through it, very cool , but I currently don't have a use for it. I don't have a way to send a pic , but my Dad might be able to tomorrow, I'll see what I can do.
The newer models come in 'Strike' or 'Bolt' I forget which is better, or more expensive I should say.

Does it have any type of meter?
nope no meter, I think this one was made there was no cheap line, so it must be good?
I'll work on a picture for you