Limted wiper blade assembly part #?


Sexy MF Joe
Jun 1, 2001
I'm interested in find out whether or not the wiper blades are still available through GM or not? I'm looking for a part number for the windshield wiper for a Limted which should be chrome I believe. I'm not looking for the whole arm, just the wipers.

Anyone have a parts book they could check this out?


Here's what I see in my 44-W book:

10.146 Blade (Trico) 15595485

Applies to 1982-87 "G" Wiper System/Windshield.

BTW, I think your wipers are stainless steel, no chrome plating.

Good luck!!!


The illustration seems to suggest it's the blade.

Your friendly parts counter guy may be able to tell you.

Also, check the price at gmpartsdirect - it may shed some light on what it is.

Yea, I checked partsdirect..nothing comes up. I will dig into it some more. Thanks!
Joe, the latest part number is 15184702 and they are still available. Bad news is they are black. The silver ones have been replaced by the black.

Eric Fisher
Well, that just sucks now doesnt it!!! If I wanted black ones for a GN, then they would only have chrome left!!! LOL