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To all MD, WV, VA, PA, DE, NJ, and other areas, this site is for regional car enthusiasts. ECStreetRacing.com is a site dedicated to helping organize events, races, cruises, whatever with the entire local crowd's in your area, engage in many sub forums from Power Adders to Turbo buick's, to Off-Topic section's. This is in no way an attempt to undermine the TurboBuick.com forum, it is my favorite website and will continue to be my favorite, but it is limited in respect that only TR's post here mainly, and ECStreet is dedicated to all car enthusiasts of al makes models and even street bikes, so come on over and join the banter.

***To all the mods, plz don't delete this, i'm not trying to take away from the member base, this is just to help TR's owners gather with other types of car owners in their area for a fun night out on the town, drag strip, or whatever.***

***mod if you have a problem with this post, please e-mail me plz.***