Looking..... 87(maybe an 86) GN, WE4 or Black T (Northeast)


where were the spiders
Oct 11, 2008
Looking to get back into things.....

I want either a car thats stock, or close to it.


One that was built, built right, and built by one person...

No projects or 13 owner cars with 673 mods where nobody knows who did what to the car.

Also when I say built, I don't want a track car, something that can be driven on the street with 93 and alky is a must.

Car must be black with decent paint.
Hardtop or Astroroof. No Ts!
No electrical issues.

That's really my only musts.
I'm openminded otherwise...

I'm in Northern NJ.
Price range? 48,000 mile hardtop 87 GN modded but still a driver. $16k asking price.