Looking at a couple new guns


Apr 27, 2014
Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Been doing some pig hunting with my brother in law and am thinking about getting a new rifle and pistol. Looking at the Remington R-25 in .308 and the Remington R1 and Ruger SR1911 in .45 auto for a back up pistol. Anyone have any experience with these. Never had a 1911 before and just looking for something accurate and reliable. They both look good for the price. Have always liked both brands. Been a shooter since I was a kid, but mostly bolts, levers and revolvers. Looking for something a little different now. Thanks and I hope everybody has a great year.(y)
I've shot quite a few .45s lots of 1911s, 45acp glocks, Springfield xds, and even h&ks. But my personal favorite, without a doubt is the Walther PPQ 45.
How big are the pigs?

The 45 acp is marginal on large pigs. I would prefer a revolver in 44 mag or 45 Colt. Large pigs require a heavy & deep penetrating round.
If you're going to hunt pigs, get an FN-FAL and learn quick target acquisition. If you do it properly, you can hit 7 or 8 when you surprise them in their beds.;) For non-game animals Texans aren't restricted on magazines and I've even used my CAR-15 with a 30 rounder. Never had to use my back up either.(y)