Looking For 86/87 GN or 87 Turbo T Wo2

Meg's Dad

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Jan 17, 2013

I've been out of the TR market for about 10 years, am ready to get back in. I'm looking for a nice, streetable hard top car. Mods are OK, but nothing thats been beat on and no cage cars. Willing to pay up to $20,000 for a nice car and I assure you that it will go to a good home. Will travel to look at the car, prefer to stay within a 400 mi radius of NC.

If Turbo T, I'd prefer grey.

Really appreciate the PM's, there are some nice cars out there. With that said, I'm really not looking for a super low mileage car. I'd prefer a car with 50-80k that has been very well maintained or restored. No rot, nice paint and interior, mechanically "drive anywhere" ready and mods are ok.

I know where there's an '86 GN with 37K miles. I don't know how to PM with this new format.
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i have a mint 86 t-type two tone silver look at Ad #2895440 on racing junk thanks.

Thank you for the info, very nice car. I'm sure by the looks of it, your car will go quickly. I have found my next TR, a GN, and will be picking it up next weekend.