Looking for a TR

If I were you, I would hold on to that Camaro. Those F-bodies like yours and mine are really hard to come by now days. I had 2 Trans-ams that I regret selling when I was younger and wished I had them back. Thats the reason my wife bought me the Turbo T/A that I have now. I would put it up in storage because if you sell it, you may regret it a few years down the road. Just a little friendly advice from someone who has been there.
I have my 78Z28 in storage for the exact same reason, It was my first car and I just can't pull the trigger on getting rid of it. I hate it and love it, hate it and love it....I'm sure lots of guys know what i mean
Hello guys,

I am in Austin Texas and I recently wrecked my 1987 GN.

If anyone knows someone looking for a wrecked GN let me know....

StateFarm is going to total the car but I am still driving it with no problems at all......

please see my ad in the Cars for Sale section.