Looking for GNX type 15x8" wheels!


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Jan 26, 2020
I have 16x8 repro GNX wheels now, but have drag radials ordered and want the taller sidewall and better selection of them in the 15 x 8" size for the rear. Who sells them, who makes them, has them in stock and best price? I know I'm not asking for much! Also what backspace centers them best inside to outside?
I think I have a pair of old ones. (bought for slicks, never used).

I will measure them
Sounds great! I have drag radials that I'm gonna put on them. THANKS!
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Lol, my bad, read that backwards in my head that you were going from 15 to 16. I will probably do the same as you on my TTA as 16" tire selection will only continue to get worse.
The ones I have are 15x8, Enkei, not sure what they are worth, or what shipping will cost. I only have 1 certer cap.



Call me at your convenience. My # is up there. What is the backspace? Did u have them on a Regal? What year? Are they metric or 4 3/4" bolt circle? My 87 is metric. Where are u? I'm in west Phoenix,AZ. area. THANKS!
I bought them for my GN years ago, the plan was to use them for slicks. I'm sure I got them from a Buick guy also. So I'm 99% sure they are right.

I will measure them and post back. I'm in Michigan, the other end of the world.

THANKS! Let me know. Ya got my #.
Michigan is in the middle of the world, N.Y. is the other end!
Hey Turbo Bob! What about the wheels? I still need them!
I gotta pay shipping if I buy new anyway.
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shipping was what I was worried about. I'll get a number from the UPS people next time I'm up there. and I'll get the rest of the measurements you needed