Louie Lopez 7.96@180mph


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May 24, 2001
I just wanted to congratulate my friend Louie on his first 7 second pass. He ran 1 1.34 60' with a 5.36@142 in the 1/8 and a 7.96@180 out the back. I'll leave it to him to post exact incrementals. The next pass after that he ran the 1/8 mile 275 class and went a 5.23 which should have netted him a 7.7 pass if he could have ran it out.
Thanks Cal. I couldnt have done it without you. I can build them , but you are the master tuner.

It was a 1.31 60 ft with a 5.21 @142 7.96 @ 180. Yes I believe it has a bit more in it. ;)
This is all i have for video. My video guy was also my tow back guy and my ice guy. He did everything well but this video.

I some how missed that you posted here. Thank you for the help at the track. The car really came around after that. ;)
Wow thats a good number i haven't been on here in a while is that the same combo you put together on here a couple years ago? It was a simple setup anyway nice to see car is workin well and it's one of my fav's take care.
Hey where you been? LOL. Yes its the same stuff from back then. Smaller turbo actually.
Well i have been out of the car scene for a while had to put money into my business but i'm starting to get the itch.I'm really impressed by your car having a sbc and single turbo and running those numbers. So im searchin around for a roller and might peice together something simular i remember watchin your build it was simple and clean.I live in canada and parts are little harder to come by but at least are dollar is at par with yours so i wont have to pay 30 cents extra on the dollar this time!
What a nice shinny car it is Mr. Lopez......just glad that all the hard work you have put into it has come to this very nice run. There are more in it and
I cant wait to see them bro. Keep it going. We all knew it was there Salt & Pepper shall rise again!!