LS3 cylinder bore damage. What do you think?


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Feb 22, 2009

I actually own a turbobuick with the tried and true 231, but I also have my daily which is a 2000 Transam 6 speed car.
I'm building an LS3 for it, and I really need some guys with internal engine experience to chime in.
The motor I bought had a crunched piston and hurt the cylinder wall. I did not want to go very far on the overbore in fear of going too thin on the sleeve,
and this is what the sleeve looks like at .005. The machinist gave me an honest opinion and said this knick should not be an issue, just wanted some affirmation to maybe make me sleep at night? This picture is literally just after they put a rough cut on the bore to show me before proceeding.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


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What's the current bore size? Dont go over 4.080 and keep the power down around 7-800 rwhp.

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Thats at 4.070. Its a street car motor. Stock heads milled, forged pistons. I want to run it like that but really don't want to be THAT guy that doesnt listen to anybody. How does it look? I don't think it will snag a ring or anything but need professional opinions, like yours! :)
That has to come out. If its not clean by 4.080 find another block

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Buzzkill. Fair enough. What kind of failure would that cause by running it?
Enough you'll be building it again.

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