Transmission pressure gauge readings, what do you think


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May 25, 2001
The pressures were checked with the car up on jack stands. I will be driving it also to look at the pressures. This was after it was warmed up. When I drove it in D the pressures stayed pretty constant at around 85. When I down shifted to 1st or 2nd the pressures shot right up to 285 and higher while I was driving. I wanted to check this bc sometimes the car would not shift to 3rd until a very high rpm or I would have to let off the gas and then it would shift but not all the time.

Park...Idle No TV - 85 / 1500 rpm full TV 270
R........Idle No TV - 188 / 1500 rpm full TV 320
N........Idle No TV - 85 / 1500 rpm full TV 275
D.......Idle No TV - 85 / 1500 rpm full TV 280
3.......Idle No TV - 85 / 1500 rpm full TV 282
2.......Idle No TV - 245 / 1500 rpm full TV 262
1.......Idle No TV - 228 / 1500 rpm full TV 262

Let me know what you think. Thank you

I wouldn't be disappointed with those. What does it do at the shifts while driving. I taped the gauge to the windshield so I could see what it was doing while driving it and doing some wot pulls. Didn't want it to be sucking air during high rates of acceleration.
The transmission doesn't shift consistently. Sometimes it rpms up to 3000 before it shifts into 2nd and other times it's 2000 rpm. It acts differently when the shifter is selected in D vs 3 gear also. Nothing acts too weird with the pressures while driving it. Just concerned that it doesn't shift consistently. Thanks