MA: Time to get rid of my "just in case" parts removed from cars in the late 90s and stored since...

OK I'll take:
+) Any color pass side qtr end cap, $10
+) Radio bezel - black/silver t-type, $15
+) Grey front retractable shoulder belt (only need driver side, if your willing to seperate pair), $45 or $90 ??

Please put me next inline for t-type grey console shifter plate, $20
Please add a grey steering wheel collar/adaptor to fit between wheel hub & column, $10

Still waiting........?????
Looking for a set of rear seatbelts for a GN (Gray) Really only need the female side.

-Mark in Milford MA.
Has anyone heard from 84C10 since 11-19-12?
I hope he is just on vacation or similar
Iwanted to know if you still have the downpipe...if so...Im intrested on getting that pipe......PLEASE>>>THANK YOU
looks like the parts collector has not been heard of since thanksgiving last year.
glad i didnt send any money. wish i had some of the tan interior parts though.