Magic jack. Talk Free app. Anyone know bout this?


Jun 2, 2001
Hi. I have used Magic jack on my computer for many years. Works great when going overseas. There is an App called Talk Free from Magic Jack. You can download it and start making calls instantly. I downloaded this app on my ipod over a year ago. I used my account from my "magic jack dongle" to sign up. Works great. I found my old ipod and tried it out and it still works even though I did not renew the yearly membership. There is a try it free option.... I downloaded it on my new Galaxy S3 and chose the free option. No sign up or registration. Makes call and receives calls. Cant find any info on how long this will last. Is it a trial version?

The reason I am asking...... My in-laws live overseas. They have high speed internet. I have used the Magic jack USB dongle there and it works fine. But they dont like having to turn on the computer plug in the magic jack and plug in a phone. Also bought the new Magic jack that does not require a computer. Still too much trouble "don't ask". Well...... I am going to look at an old iphone 3g. Was thinking of loading this app on it and shipping it to them. Figure they can operate a phone. They already have cell phones and they dont have to be tethered to the wall.