major login issues!


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
Some days, I cannot open this site at all... It keeps giving me (instantly redirecting me) to the 404 error page... If I log in, eventually, I cant click on private messages or it just bumps me back out! any ideas???

oh yeah...doenst matter what computer im at, and doesnt matter if I clear history/cookies all that...:confused::confused::confused::confused:
login in using this as the link. (have to seperate it so it wont link) just add what i have bellow to the turbobuick

if this doesnt work just click user Cp before it redirects you
im positive it has nothing to do with modem or router... It happens at home, at work, at in-laws... No matter where I am, it wont let me log in from the main page if I sign in. If I log on, it goes to the 404 page... If I finally get in (5 tries today), I have to open a link to a forum first before I can navigate anything else. I cant even open my private messages, unless I open a forum like "hot air" first. If I stay on the main page and click private messages on the top right, it instantly kickes me off the site and gives me that wonderful 404 error.

really aggitating... :mad: