Mallender Transbrake


Dec 1, 2003
I just got my new trans in and ready to go. It has a 9" Art Carr converter and a Mallender transbrake. My car ran 12.0@113 a year ago with stock trans/conv, int, smaller turbo, stock suspension. Now I run a TE44, FMIC, set-up suspension. Anyways, what kind of 60' times are guys pulling off the brake? What boost are you launching at? What kind of et and mph do you think I'm capable of? 40#inj, THDP, 3" single exhaust, 26x10 slicks, no port work.
Similar boost launch from foot to brake. Foot was 1.76 and brake went 1.59. I have whole lot of boost left to launch the car in the 20 PSI range. Should go a low 1.4. It will launch you like no other! Hold on! If you are making good power 1.4-1.5's should be the norm. Hope you have a billet drum.... I broke mine just testing the brake without a launch :mad:
Let me know how that brake work im gettin trans work and a trans brake installed and got slicks now, let me know how that trans brake works if you havnt tried it yet. I heard its like gettin rear end wit the tran brake, kinda scary but i cant wait :D
The wife is getting me one for X-mas.I can't wait to see what that PT-72,4200 stall, will do wound up at say,15lbs.or so!:D :eek: :D

Where do I get a billet drum?;) :p
:D I got my drum and input shaft from CK Performance in NY. It probably was good insurance for me to put the input in but may not be needed. If you ever look at the front of the drum you will understand why they break there as often as they do. If you are using the brake for sure get the drum! I didn't at first and I didn't even get 1 mile on a new build! When you launch it off the brake it will be different than anything you ever felt! Really does feel like someone smashed into the back of your car.... violent!
How much was the drum and the shaft?I wonder if anyone else has broken theres on the first try? I just rebuilt the trans and the drum and shaft appeared ok. Maybe I need to order those so I will have them.;) Because a hard launch is coming.
It isn't just the hard launches that do them in. What is worse is street driving with a semi-hooking tire. You get wheel spin then it grabs throwing shock to this piece. Over time it probably cracks then just goes at the right time. Some people never change them and make out fine. At the bare minimum get a hardened drum from Century Transmissions (about $250.00 I think). A billet drum and input shaft will run you about $750.00.
Maybe I'll be ok.My car is a track only car.I should have minimal tire spin wth 28-10.5 slicks.$750 is pretty steep considering a th400 built with a brake runs around $1200 brand new.But it's all what you want(no overdrive);)
I have launched lightly on the street. I have yet to launch with slicks on or at a track. I do have a billet drum. Do you think 11.20s@117 are out of the question?
Although anything is possible...I highly doubt it...I'm running a little over 117 MPH with 1.58 60 fts and you can see my would have to cut a 60 ft in the low 1.4's...good 60 fts are not only a result of high boost launches with traction but also based on how much HP you have...just don't think you have the power for that...IMO